**Claire thank you so much for last night session it has helped me to reconnect with myself, never under estimate the power of yoga**


**I have really benefited from the sessions on a Tuesday at work. I feel relaxed and calmer**


**Thanks for last night’s teaching Claire. It was my first Yin yoga class and I thoroughly enjoyed it. You’re a wonderful teacher and I shall definitely be returning **


**i had such a great yoga lesson with Claire Yvonne Austin. I loved her gentle direction and the pauses to feel into each pose. The rhythm of the class was smooth and gentle, and the lavender head massage at the end was a delicious treat. Definitely recommended!**


**Claire’s passion for teaching and yoga is evident in her classes. She is as caring and kind towards her students as she is knowledgable about the practice and theory of yoga. Being in Claire’s Yin class was a wonderful experience, I learned a lot about the practice of Yin Yoga and how it can help me in all facets of my life. Her gentle nature and sensitivity makes her a truly unique teacher; highly capable of creating a revitalising class that left me wanting more of it! Thank you Claire!**


**I joined yogabud tonight and so pleased I did. At 57 and new to yoga I was a little worried about all the movements but it was amazing such a gentle yoga anyone can do it thank you Claire see you next week**