Community Yoga Workshops

Community Yoga Workshops – around the world and back again.

Karma Yoga

karma simply means action, and yoga translates to union

The community yoga workshops carried out at Yogabud are my way of giving back to you the wonderful world that grounds me and allows me to enjoy this precious human life i live each day. My background is working in the social care sector with vulnerable families and youths, i have a passion in offering all i can in my work which was part of my process to learning to teach, the want to offer yoga to the people i work with.

The yin yoga taught at Yogabud is a meditative relaxing style of yoga which has such huge benefits to all, yoga alleviates stress and helps promote calmness, by moving energies in the yin yoga poses a more balanced way of thinking can be found and will help develop confidence and resilience.

All community workshops carried out are free of charge and are my way of supporting others to develop their own practice to deal with life’s everyday stresses.


Community Workshop – Thailand.

In August 2014 i applied to carry out a 90min workshop at Children’s Organization South East Asia (COSA), the organisation works with girls aged 7-17 who have been or are at risk of being sexually abused, exploited or trafficked. The shelter i reached out too was Baan Yuu Suk and at the time i volunteered was home to 25 girls of varying ages. I was informed the girls spoke limited English but one girl could help translate, they had carried out a yoga class before but had been more hatha style and therefore yin was a completely new practice to them.

I arrived at the shelter a bag of nerves, i had practiced and put together a simple flow that wasn’t too taxing for the girls but enough to feel the benefits of yin practice. The girls helped me put the yoga mats out and we introduced one another, smiling and giggling at the limitlessness of our language barrier.

The session went better then i could have imagined and i held the girls attention for around 45-50mins, which was better then i had hoped seeing as some of the poses they held for 4mins. There smiles said it all and after savasana they informed me this was their favourite.

I used the last of the session to hand out the worksheet i had made of the poses we had done and talked through any questions they may have.

It was a wonderful morning and i was blessed with the experience of meeting such incredible girls but also the opportunity of being allowed to offer this new practice to them.

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Guest Teaching – Indonesia.

In July 2014 i was asked to guest teach at the Yogabarn in Ubud, Bali. Denise Payne, One Song Yoga, requested for me to teach an hour of her Yin yoga class, teaching to a group of 46 people i took them through a relaxing therapeutic practise, finishing in savasana.


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